Sunday, July 28, 2013

The turtle that climbed a mountain

Dear Noah,

Today I went kayaking on the Blind River. I don't know why it's called that. Are there rivers that can see?

Anyway, I saw this little turtle up on top of this stump. 
He was pretty little, about the size of your hand. But he had somehow climbed up on top of that stump that was way bigger than he was. I was very impressed. How do you suppose he got up there?  Do you think somebody helped him?  Do you think he was scared up on top like that?  I don't think he was happy to see me. I think he was saying, "hey lady, it was hard work climbing all the way up here, don't make me jump off!" 

Have you ever held a turtle in your hand?  Sometimes they pee on you when they're scared, just like toads do. 

Hope you like this little guy!

Love, Nanny

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  1. I haven't held a turtle in my hand. I don't think I want to if it would pee on me. But that turtle is really cute.

    I think some frogs came by and asked the turtle if it needed help getting on the log and then they helped the turtle.


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