Saturday, July 20, 2013

Birds in the swamp

Dear Noah,

When we talked on the phone the other day I told you I was going kayaking.  I love to kayak in the cypress lakes in Louisiana!  There are so many fun things to see.  I especially love the birds.  Here are a few that I saw when I was kayaking the other day...

Anhinga - the snake bird

Eastern Bluebird

Great Blue Heron
He's taller than you are!

Great Egret - hiding in the swamp

Little Blue Heron hunting frogs

Brown-headed Nuthatch
he sounds like a squeaky toy :-)

Golden swamp warbler
his nickname is Yellow Pop!

Isn't the swamp a beautiful place?
Maybe you can go kayaking with me next time you come to Louisiana!

Love, Nanny


  1. Dear Nanny,

    My momma, daddy and I went on a pedal boat last weekend and we saw a bunch of kayaks on the lake. I think I would like to go in one. When we were on the boat we saw a bird diving into the water trying to get something to eat. Do you know what kind of bird that might have been?

    Love, Noah

  2. Dear Noah,

    I looked up the birds that might be seen around Lake Chabot in the summer time. Your mommy said it was a smaller white bird. I think it might have been a Caspian Tern. This is a sea bird that looks kinda like a gull, except that it dives straight down into the water to catch fish. Ask your mommy to google pictures of the Caspian Tern and see if you think that's what it is.

    When Nora and Gary and I went kayaking, a tern crashed down right by Nora's boat and almost splashed her! It really surprised her!



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