Saturday, September 7, 2013

Weird and wonderful

Dear Noah,

Summertime in Louisiana is full of bugs and some of the biggest and noisiest are the cicadas.  They start buzzing in late morning and don't turn it off until the sun goes down.  Sometimes they're so noisy you can hardly hear yourself talk!  They're pretty interesting insects.  The adults lay the egg in the ground and the eggs hatch and larvae grow underground.  When it's time, they make their way to the surface and climb up on a tree or a bush or even a house.  Then the cicada sheds it
s larva shell by splitting it down the back and emerging.  Its wings have to dry before it can fly.  This is a big bug -- bigger than your dad's thumb!  We only occasionally see them here -- they mostly stay high in the trees.  But today I saw a dead one and then I found the shell and that made me think of the time I put the shell on your shirt.  So I thought I'd show you some pictures of this weird and wonderful bug.

Kind of creepy and cool, huh?


Monday, September 2, 2013

A trip out to sea

Dear Noah,
I went out on a boat yesterday into the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico.  I was with some birding friends and we were looking for special birds...birds that don't like to come to land but only live in the ocean.  We didn't find too many.  But we saw some other cool stuff!
This is the view from the boat as we headed out as the sun was coming up
We saw a bunch of dolphins!
Some of them came right up to the boat and swam with us!
They were such fast swimmers!
Click below to see a video of them swimming
Dolphins running with the boat!
AND we saw sharks!  There were dead fish in the water from the shrimp boats and the birds and sharks were eating the fish.
This is what some of the dead fish looked like
This is a Magnificent Frigatebird.  It looks a lot like a Pteradactyl!
The shrimp boat had a lot of Frigatebirds hanging around, waiting for an easy meal!

These guys were hanging around looking for fish, too.  Do you know what kind of birds they are?

A beautiful sunset to end the day!

Love, Nanny

Our Zoo Visit

Dear Noah,

I was going through some pictures yesterday and I came across some from the time we went to the zoo the last time I visited you in California.

Riding the Merry Go Round on the back of an Eagle!
The baby goats didn't want to be brushed!

In the little door!

You had a hard time flying the plane the first time, but you got it the second time around!

Hi, Funny Bunny!

We road the Sky Ride!  Everything looked so tiny!

Gang of griaffes
Sad giraffe didn't get invited to the giraffe party

Stepping Stones!

Cool tasty treat!
Pop tart break
I need a little help here, Nanny!
Got it!

Love you!