Saturday, May 31, 2014

Blue bird!

Dear Noah,
I saw this bird today that I knew your mom would love so this is one for you to show to your mom.  Cause it's blue, and awesome besides.  It's called an Indigo Bunting.  I tried to get a picture of a green bird for you, but it would not cooperate.  I'll keep trying!

The frog that dropped from the sky

Dear Noah,

Remember today I told you about the frog that dropped from the tree?  I was walking along and looking up at a bird and suddenly there was this frantic squeaking and something PLOPPED down on the ground a  few feet from me.  I saw a bird fly away but couldn't tell what kind it was.  I walked over to see what fell and it was this frog.

 He was very still and all puffed up.  He must have been very scared.  He didn't move a muscle when I took his picture.

Then slowly, slowly, slowly, he let his breath out and relaxed.  I guess he figured out he wasn't going to get eaten today!  Even his color changed from light green to gray green.  He looks like a whole different frog here!

Little gator buddy

I was kayaking the other day and came across this little guy. He was sound asleep on the log with his legs just hanging down. He was so close I could have touched him with my paddle. Then he woke up and saw me and 
SPLOOSH!  Into the water. 

People always ask if I'm afraid to go kayaking where there are alligators but they always go under or go away. I guess I'm pretty scary :)

Pink birds!

When you come visit I want to take you to the swamp and maybe we can see some of these great pink birds. My fav :)

Doesn't it look like something from a Dr Seuss book?  Can you draw a picture of a Spoonbill?