Friday, July 26, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Banana Spider

Dear Noah,

I wanted to introduce you to the Banana Spider.  It's a common spider here in Louisiana and we see a LOT of them in the summer time in the woods.  It's also called the Golden Silk spider because its web is golden in color.  Can you see that in this picture?

This picture has two spiders in it.  Which one do you think is the daddy (male) and which one the mommy (female)?  It might not be what you think!

It's pretty cool that spiders can spin webs out of their Spiderman :-)   Or I guess Spiderman is like a spider, since the spider came first!  Anyway, they can make this cool web stuff out of their body and they make a web but only the *inside* part is sticky!  It traps the insects that the spider will eat.  The outside part that connects the spider to the stuff around it is not sticky at all; it's just very strong!  How do they make two different kinds of web??  Pretty amazing stuff.

This picture is one of my favorites.  It's a picture of spiderwebs in the early early morning when the dew collected on the web and looks like diamond jewelry.  Pretty neat, huh?



  1. Yikes! Why are thy called Banana Spiders? Do they like bananas? I think the big one is the daddy and the little is the mommy but my momma thinks the daddy is the little one and the momma is the big one. Spider-Man is so cool because he has webs. I like Spider-Man so much I got my new bear a Spider-Man costume.

  2. I guess they are called Banana Spiders because they are long and yellow.

    Your mommy is right; the big one is the mommy and the little one is the daddy! That's a surprise, huh?

    I like your Lemon bear's Spider-man costume!


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