Sunday, July 7, 2013

Baby Tiger!

Dear Noah,

This is a video I took when Nora and I went to play with a baby tiger at a zoo in Alabama.  The tiger's name was Sheena and she was 12 weeks old, so she really was just a baby!  She loved to play with those stuffed animals.  We liked playing with her very much.  If they still have this at the zoo when you are a little older, I would love to take you to play with a real live tiger!



  1. Dear Nanny,

    That tiger is so cute. I wish I could go with you and Nora to pet a baby tiger. Was that one a girl or a boy?

    Love, Noah

  2. Dear Noah,

    This tiger was a girl. Her name was Sheena, queen of the jungle. This was a long time ago...I bet she's a great big tiger now in a zoo somewhere!

    I hope I can take you to pet a baby tiger someday.



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